Saturday, April 20, 2024

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The 4th Children's Festival  "Pear", Krusevac, Serbia
"Mowgli", directed by Bonja Lungov


The 28th Sarajevo Winter International Festival, East Sarajevo, BiH
"Little Red Ridnnghood and The Pea", directed by Miroslava Mima Jankovic


The 10th Children’s theatre festival "Pozoriste Zvezdariste", Belgrade, Serbia
"Big Nose Dwarf", directed by Todor Valov

  • Prize for Performance Design


The 14th International Puppet Festival Zlatna iskra, Kragujevac, Serbia
"Good Morning, Good Night", directed by Todor Valov


The 19th International Festival of Children's Theaters, Subotica, Serbia
"Big Nose Dwarf", directed by Todor Valov


The 17th Puppet Theatre Revue, Rijeka, Croatia
"Beauty and The Beast", derected by Zoran Lozancic


The 43th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Subotica, Serbia
"Sylvester’s Treasure", directed by Rumen Racev

  • Award for the Acting & Animation Skills (Dejan Gocic)


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