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We are honored and proud to say that we have 64 successful years behind us. We have built a reputation recognizable by good shows, a diverse repertoire, great names in the field of acting and art, as well as their exceptional creations. We have built a reputation that the city of Nis can take great pride in.

We wish to celebrate our birthday and share the joy of the longevity and success with our audience, fellow citizens, colleagues and associates with whom and with whose help we grew, developed and gained the experience, knowledge and skills that we use today.

All of us have a reason to celebrate. Our employees – since the years show our value. Our audience also has a reason to celebrate as we have been discovering life’s truths and jointly turning the world into a better place to live in over the years. Our fellow citizens – since the years of our work and success in still trust. Furthermore, our colleagues and associates also have a reason to celebrate as our mission is mutual. Together, we are building and professionally expanding the theatrical knowledge of puppetry, and developing and enriching our national art of puppetry and culture, as well as those of the world.

By celebrating our 64 birthday, we celebrate the joy of the performing arts for our small and young audience.

Theatre today

The Puppet Theatre plays a key role in the aesthetic and moral upbringing of future generations. The scenic effects of our shows develop children’s imaginations, incite curiosity, ask questions and, through scenic illusions, give answers to all the moral, ethical and aesthetic dilemmas which children and young people are exposed to in everyday life.

We tend to ensure the availability of the performing arts to our children and, for this reason, we are in close cooperation with kindergartens and schools, and we perform and organize humanitarian shows and actions for all the vulnerable groups, which gives a special note to the work of our Theatre.

The fundamental concept of our Theatre was founded on nurturing tradition and cultural heritage, by which we familiarize the children with their identity and legacy, as well as the diverseness of topics and motifs, thus teaching them to be citizens of the world.

The Puppet Theatre of Nis is the only professional theatre for children and only puppet theatre in Nis. Our repertoire includes aproximately thirty shows from all the genres known in the art of puppetry. Our audience consists of children and young people to whom we present more than 300 shows per year.


"Wizards from Nis",  Mini TV series produced by "Niska televizija". Author Aleksandar Rajski, 2005.


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