Sunday, March 24, 2019

A story about a pretentious princess who sings beautifully. 

Text: Ksenija Stojanovic
Direction, Musical Arrangement: Aleksandar Kanjevac
Costumes: Dejan Gocic
Puppets designed and made by: Dragana Ercevic
Set design: Dragana Ercevic & Aleksandar Kanjevac
Language editor: Aleksandra Loncar

         story about a pretentious princess who sings beautifully. Her fortunes and misfortunes with suitors, the miller’s son, a donkey and her courtiers make this story dynamic and interesting. The play is based on acting and animating skills. Actors of a traveling theater troupe interpret characters from this fairytale, while a live dramatic play between the actors and the puppets they animate is created. The play is characterized by lively and amiable music as well as by dynamic and swaying dance.  


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