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Mozart's music outlived the time in which he lived. Each generation finds something new in this music.

Script: Zoran Lozancic
Direction and set design: Zoran Lozancic
Music director: Suzana Kostic
Costumes: Milica Grbic
Pupet design and creation: Ljubica Suturovic i Arsen Cosic

       ince this year it will be 250 years since W.A. Mozart's birth, Puppet theatre in Nis, like a big number of art houses in Europe, will include in its repetoire a play regarding the life and  work of this music genius. Mozart's music outlived the time in which he lived. Each generation finds something new in this music and would be much poorer without it. 
      In an imaginative and visually attractive way, the life of this ingenious musician was presented. By acting – live words, all his life and music temptations were transmitted and by the animation of the puppets – javajka, all characters and heroes were inspired. Unforgettable Mozart's music opus, colorful and luxuriours costumes, beautiful puppets and various light effects lead to a highly esthetic  puppet show. 
     For the organization of this visual-music spectacle the following plays were used: "Amadeus" by Peter Sefer, "Mozart and Salieri" by A.S.Puskin Mozart's diary published in th book "The letters of the lonely people" and his sister's diary published in the book "Golden pen" by Bernard Grun.


The 5th Children’s theatre festival "Pozoriste Zvezdariste", Belgrade, Serbia, 2007.

1.      Grand Prix of the Festival for the Best Performance

The 9th International Puppet Festival "Zlatna iskra", Kragujevac, Serbia, 2007.

2.      Award for the Best Direction (Zoran Lozancic)

The 39th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2007.

3.      Award "Janko Vrbjak" for  the Best Animation (Mirjana Djordjevic, Davorin Dinic & Zoran Lozancic)

4.      Award for the Acting & Animation Skills (Davorin Dinic)

5.      Award for the Stage Design (Zoran Lozancic)

Other Tributes & Awards

"Cultural event of the year", daily Narodne novine, Nis, 2006.


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