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This is the well-known story of a boy brought  up by a pack of  wolves. 

Script adaptation: Bonjo Lungov
Directed by: Bonjo Lungov
Assistant director: Maja Encev i Konstantin  Karakostov
Scenography: Bonjo Lungov
Music: Konstantin Karakostov
Puppet and costume design: Hana Svarc
Translation from Bulgarian: Davorin Dinic

       rofesor Bonyo Lungov, Bulgarian director and lecturer at the National Theatre and Film academy (NATFIZ) in Sofia, has adapted the Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" for a puppet performance. 
             This is the well-known story of a boy brought  up by a pack of  wolves. It explores the seans  and the need of one's belonging  to a group and a place. Mowgli is a child who lives amongst jungle animals according to their laws and, although accepted by most, he knows he doesn't  really belong to their animal community. Yet mem disappoint him and their behaviour astonishes him. They insult and attack him. Mowgli senses that he differs from them. It takes a lot of courage, inner struggle and love to find out where he truly belongs.

The 16th Kotor’s Festival of Theatre for Children, Kotor, Monetnegro, 2008.

1.      Award for the Best Puppet Animation

The 41th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Kragujevac, 2010.

2.      Award for Best Ensemble

3.      Award "Milena Sadzak", for the Best Young Actor (Srdjan Miljkovic)


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