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Pictures at an Exhibition is one of the most beautiful pieces by composer Modest Mussorgsky.

Script & direction: Biserka Kolevska
Set design, puppets and costumes: Svila Velikova
Music: Modest Musorgski
Assistant director: Davorin Dinic

       ictures at an Exhibition is one of the most beautiful pieces composed by a genius Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. The music is vibrant, passionate and very catching. Inspired by the music, the theatre show is non-standard, filled with vivid game of shadows in colors.
        This is a story about a likeable crazy artist who is trying to create an image of his own life and who is longing for beauty and perfection. However, a dark force, evil, negation, a stain is in his way. The stain is trying to besmirch and destroy art. The black color, just like on the impressionists’ paintings, sets black and white stains on his colorful paintings which do not even indicate the presence of the negative. The evil destroys everything that the artist has created - landscapes, portraits, sea paintings. In the end, the evil swallows the artist as well. However, a small drop of red survives in black-and white world, turns into a flower and this last sign of hope manages to resist the arrogant, aggressive stain. Being completely helpless and hysterical because it cannot destroy the flower, the stain goes back to where it belongs - the darkness of Hell.
        Artist’s bright and sensual world is again among us and the canvases which have been destroyed by the evil are in front of us. The artist goes into one of his paintings and remains inside. He becomes one with his art forever.



The 46th International Puppet Theatre Festival PIF, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013.

          1. Award for the Stage Design (Svila Velickova)

The 45th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatre of Serbia, Subotica, 2014.

          1. Award for the Acting Skills (Ensemble Award)

          2. Award for the Stage Design (Svila Velickova)



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