Monday, June 17, 2024

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This is a true story about the circling  of water in nature.

Text and directing: Bianka Benkovska
Set & puppets design: Blagovesta Vasileva
Music: Milen Makedonski
Translation: Momir Todorov
Language editor: Nataša Ilić

       his is a true story about the circling  of water in nature. Apart from scientific explanations about water and its characteristics that are introduced in comprehensuble way, the story is full of joyful events which contribute to its amusing presentation. The Clouds, the Thunder and The little one talk about how they filled the sea and explain everything that is connected to the clouds – thunder, lightning, stean and rain. Two actors by live performance and puppet animation give answer to those questions. Some of those are: what happens to a fish when it is out of water, what happens with the clouds without steam and why the sun doesen't just want to shine. 
      The whole play is organized as a class in order to show the importance of water for humans. It is educative, plain and comprehensible play which belongs to a so-called small form which is appropriate even for small stages. 
      Scenography is based on children's "panoramic" books. The colour of puppets and the scenes themselvs bring freshness and their lines are similar to children's drawings.




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