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The Tra-la-la Street, a play of a small form with three actors, represents a puppet cabaret for younger children. 

Based on Pitera Grovs story
Text Adaptation &  Direction: Emilija Mrdakovic
Set Design, Costumes & PuppetsDesign: M.A. Milica Grbic Komazec
Composer: Miodrag Mladenovic
Song Lyrics: Violeta Jovic
Choreography: Goran Vidaic
Language Editor: Natasa Ilic
Poster designed by: Edna Mackovic

       n the Tra-la-la Street, there was a house in which Mister Jinx lived. One day, when Mr Jinx went out for his usual walk, he heard some heavy steps. He turned and saw that his own house was walking behind him.... From that day, everything went topsy-turvy. The house just wouldn’t leave him alone. It wanted to go with him to his work, to ride on a bus with him; it followed him each step of the way. And it caused him troubles... Finally, they solved this situation, which was unbearable to him, by agreeing to go together for a walk at a certain time each week. 

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