Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Directing by: Dejan Gocic

Adaptation: Toma Bibic

Set design: Dragana Djuric

Puppets made by: Dusan Sukletovic

Costimography: Dejan Gocic

Composer: Oliver Katic

Musical arrangements: Oliver Katic, Dejan Ilic Idekius

Musical production: Dejan Ilic Idekius - Studio „By Heart“ Nis

Text of songs: Svetlana Mihajlovic

Coreography: Toma Bibic

Video animation: Emil Keser

Light design: Aleksandar Arsenijevic

Poster: Nenad Zivadinovic

Photos: Vanja Keser

Spirutus movens: Petra Jocic


This performance is based on the story “Gander” by Nina Gernet and Tatjana Gurevich and it aims to very young audience. In an interesting way it uses theatre play and combines it with educational elements and thus it is a perfect choice for first meeting of children with theatre.
The play gives chance to children to actively participate in it and thus it develops the feelings of justice, friendship and sympathy and encourages children to be brave, united and strong.







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