Sunday, June 23, 2024

Pozovite nas: (018) 253-962

Contact person for technical issues

Ivan Zivkovic

Technical stage director






Tel: (+381) (0) 63 1088 99 25



Depth: 12 m
Width: 8 m
  • Above the hydraulics: 15 m
  • Upstage: 6 m
Portal: 5 m

Lights equipment

Mixer Mentor ADB 1 pcs
ADB- 1kW 22 pcs
ADB- 2kW 12 pcs
ADB WARP- 0.8kW 8 pcs
ADB spotlight 2kW 2 pcs
Strobe light 1 pc
Overhead projectors 4 pcs
Fog machine  
Snow machine  

Audio equipment

Tascam cd-01u 2 pcs
Tascam cd-01u professional 2 pcs
Teac cd-p1850 2 pcs
Mixer soundcraft gb-8 2 pcs
Genelec speakers 2 pcs
Amplifier crown 460 csi  
Amplifier X audio pa 1102  
JBL speakers 4 pcs
Mikrofon akg c 568 b 2 pcs
Bubice c417 l 4 pcs
Bubice akg sr 450 4 pcs
Reverb procesor yamaha r100  



Video equipment


SONY vpl es3



Maximum electric network capacity 2kW

Phone connection with stage manager

Video monitoring of the stage, foyer and hall

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