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  • 2012.International University of Novi Pazar, Art department, actor
  • 2007.Medical school „Dr Milenko Hadzic“ Nis



  • 2015. Certificate of training with Dance Studio Revolution, contemporary dance
  • 2014. Certificate of training ISLANDS, drama education, intellectual learning for children
  • 2013. Workshop MOVEO, Barcelona, Physical theater - dramatic corporeal mime, E. Decroux technique
  • 2017. Workshop String of body, Grotowski Institute, Poland


Work Experience:

  • From May 2014. Actor in Puppets Theatre of Nis
  • From January 2012. Freelancer actor in National Theatre of Nis
  • From September 2013. till December 2014. Art director of Academic Theatre of Nis
  • From September 2010. till Septembr 2013. Assistent of Art director of Academic Theatre of Nis
  • From November 2010. till December 2011. Actor of National Theatre of Nis






Plays, movies, projects, workshops

  • Play „Little Ida’s Flowers,Puppet Theatre of Nis (2018)
  • Play „Funny clowns,Puppet Theatre of Nis (2017)
  • Play „The Amazing Company of a Centipede“,Puppet Theatre of Nis (2016)
  • Play „The Lady Eater,Puppet Theatre of Nis (2015)
  • Play „The Steadfast Tin Soldier and Ballerina“, Puppet Theatre of Nis (2015)
  • Play, Goldilocks“, Puppet Theatre of Nis (2015)
  • Play „Dragon Tale“, Puppet Theatre of Nis (2014)
  • Play Pinokcchio, Puppet Theatre of Nis (2013)
  • Short movie „The Game” (2011)
  • Play „Waiting for Godot“ Academic Theatre of Nis (2011)
  • Movement Workshop „Unconscious on the stage“ of Oleg Zhukovsky (2011)
  • Mime Workshop of Didi Biro (2011)
  • Play „Birds“, Puppet Theatre of Nis (2010)
  • Play „Fiddler on the roof“, National Theatre of Nis (2010)
  • Play „The Tempest“, National Theatre of Nis (2009)



  • For best stage movement, performance, adaptation for play etc ....



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