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16th International Festival of Children's performances “The Magic Curtain”, Targovishte, Bulgaria
"Alice in Wonderland", Zoran Lozancic

  • Award for partnership and synchronization in the creation of the puppet characters


The 14th International festival of Children's Theatres, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska

„Goldilocks“, directed by Jelena Djordjevic

·         Special Award for promoting the universal idea of human freedom


The 12nd Children’s theatre festival "Pozoriste Zvezdariste", Belgrade, Serbia

"Alice in Wonderland", directed by Zoran Lozancic

  • Award for the Best Puppet Animation

Additional Awards:

  • 1st Children's Jury Award


The 46th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Nis, Serbia

„Tin Soldier and Ballerina“, directed by Darko Kovacovski

  • Special Award for cherishing of long style marionette

Additional Awards:


  • Children's Jury Award for puppets magic 


Since its founding, the Puppet Theatre Niš participated in

  • 204 festivals

and won

  • 214 awards
  • 23 special awards

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