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The 8th  Children's Festival, Zajecar, Serbia
"Alice in Wonderland", directed by Zoran Lozancic

  • Award for the Best Performance


The 24th International Festival of Children's Theaters, Subotica, Serbia

„Sea of Fantasy“, directed by Bonyo Lungov


The 18th International Festival Puppet Theaters of Children "Lut Fest", East Sarajevo of BiH

„Tin Soldier and Ballerina“, directed by Darko Kovacovski

  • Award for the Best Actor Play
  • Award for the Best Animation (Mladen Milojkovic)


The 2nd International Animation Festival „Under  Merlin’s  Wand“, Timisoara, Romania

„Sea of Fantasy“, directed by Bonyo Lungov

  • Award for accuracy of the scene iamge ant the corporal expresivity
The 14 th  Children’s Theatre Festival “Pozorište Zvezdarište”
„Pinocchio “, directed by Zoran Lozancic
  • 3rd   Children's Jury Award


Since its founding, the Puppet Theatre Niš participated in

  • 204 festivals

and won

  • 214 awards
  • 23 special awards

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