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The 10 th   Children's Festival, Zajecar, Serbia
„Legend of the Moon Princess“, directed by David Alic
  • Grand Prix
The 5 th Children's Arts Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
„Enchanted Town“, directed by Stevan Bodroza
The 1 st ASSITEJ Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
„Legend of the Moon Princess“, directed by David Alic
The 20 th  International Festival of Puppet Theaters for Childrens, Lut Fest, East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
„Little Princess“, directed by Aleksandar Kanjevac
  • Award for the Best Animation (Davorin dinic)


The 8th Puppetry Festival, Podgorica, Montenegro

„Small Ida’s Flowers“, directed by Marija Krstic

  • Award for the Acting Skills (Mirjana Djordjevic)


The 5th European Festival of the Travelling Theatre (EFTT),Slivnica, Bulgaria

„Legend of the Moon Princess“, directed by David Alic


The 12th Children’s Festival of  Professional Theatres of Serbia “Mali Joakim”, Lazarevac, Serbia,2019

„Legend of the Moon Princess“, directed by David Alic

  • Award „Mali Joakim“ for Best Collective Animation 
  • Award „Mali Joakim“ for Best Dramatization (Gorana Balancevic)
  • Award „Mali Joakim“ for the Original Music (Srdjan Markovic)
  • Award „“Mali Joakim“ for the Costume Design (Ivana Savic)


The 16th  Children’s Theatre Festival “Pozorište Zvezdaršte”, Belgrade, Serbia

„The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book“,directed byDragoslav Todorovic

  • 3rd Children's Jury Award


The 50h Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Subotica

„The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book“, directed byDragoslav Todorovic

  • Award for the Acting Skills (Mladen Milojkovic)
    • Award "Bosko Zekovic" for Life Achievement i Exceptional Contribution to the Development of Puppetry Art (Zoran Lozancic, posthumously)


Since its founding, the Puppet Theatre Niš participated in

  • 204 festivals

and won

  • 214 awards
  • 23 special awards

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