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This is a story of maturing - growing up of a girl.

Based on story by: Jakob i Wilhelm Grimm
Directed by: Darin Petkov
Set Design & costumes: Dijana Uzunova
Puppets: Nikolaj Demerov
Composer: Borivoje Mladenovic
Song lyrics: Slavco Malenov
Translated by: Momir Todorov
Lektor: Aleksandra Loncar

       his is a story of maturing - growing up of a girl. When a  man takes responsibility for the things he says and does, he is ready for everything life brings - even the encounter with the loved one. "The Frog Emperor" is one of classic Grimm fairy tales not often played on children's theatre stages, but it is equally interesting and beatuiful as the rest of their tales.





The 12th Festival of Theatre Plays for Children "Festic", Belgrade, Serbia, 2006.

1.      Award for Excellence in Acting Performance

The 8th International Festival Puppet Theaters of Children "Lut fest", East Sarajevo of BiH, 2007.

2.      Award for the Best Animation (Davorin Dinic)

3.      Award for Aesthetic and Technological Puppet Design (Diana Uzunova)



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