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There was once a blackbird with a long nose...

Directed by: Todor Valov
Set design: Stefanka Kjuvlijeva
Music: Elena Metodijeva

       here was once a blackbird with a long nose. He was walking through the forest all alone...And it all happened in spring when everything blossomed. He chose a birch to make a nest, to lay and hatch eggs... But the  birch was young and the nest wasn't  very high. The naive blackbird didn't know that foxes were very dangerous! Little blackbird didn't know Wily the fox. Because the fox liked fresh eggs, he ate them all. 
      Ouch! Poor little blackbird! Who would help him? The birch wouldn't, nor would the brook and the plain. Everybody was afraid of the fox. Everybody just observed with hesitation, pretending not to see or hear. The good thing was that a dog came along What happened then? The cunning fox fell into a trap himself and the only thing left of him was his fur. The blackbird understood how dangerous the foxes were and what they had in common with birds. 
           There would always be foxes in the world as there would always be birds!



The 15th International Festival Puppet Theaters of Children "Lut Fest", East Sarajevo of BiH

Kosić Bosić“, directed by Todor Valov

1.      Award for best animation (Srdjan Miljkovic)




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