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Beauty and the Beast is certainly one of the most beautiful fairy tales ever written for children.

Text: Zeljko Hubac, based on story by  H.K. Andersen
Directed by: Zoran Lozancic
Set design: Stefanka Kjuvlijeva
Puppets: Ivanka Getova
Music: Borivoje Borko Mladenovic

       eauty and the Beast is certainly one of the most beautiful, most complex and psychologically deepest fairy tales ever written for children. 
         In the dramatic structure of the tale, the wide diversity of human characters is revealed - vanity, malice, evil, hatred and, finally, the greatest of all human experience - love. 
         "Beauty and the Beast" is a fairy tale for all times. It is a great performance, very picturesque, followed by beautiful music, with all necessary tools witch theatre with pedigree can give and play: dolls, animation, fluorescence and act. 




The 9th International Festival of Children's Theaters, Subotica, Serbia, 2002.

1.      Award for the Acting Skills (Svetlana Mihajlovic)

The 4th International Puppet Festival "Golden Spark", Kragujevac, Serbia, 2002.  

2.      Grand Prix of the Festival for the Best Performance

3.      Award for the Best Puppet Design (Ivanka Getova)

Additional Awards:

·         Children's Television Award for the Best Performance

·         Beauty – the Best Puppet

The 35th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Zrenjanin, Serbia, 2002.

4.      Award for the Best Puppet Design (Ivanka Getova)

5.      Award for the Stage Design (Stefanka Kjuvlijeva)





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