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The play begins in the expectation of a joful event  in the home of Mother and Father Duck.

Director: Biljana Vujovic
Set design: Stefanka Kjuvlijeva
Music: Milos Vukotic
Song lyrics: Biljana Vujovic

       he play begins in the expectation of a joful event  in the home of Mother and Father Duck. One after another, three cute ducklings are being hatched. A bit late, an odd duckling, which only the Mother Duck finds beautiful, comes to the world. He is being rejected, pushed and mocked at by evrybody. The chikens from the neighbourhood untrigue and slander so the ugly duckling is rejected both by his father and his brothers. Depressed and abandoned, he sets off into the world. Struggling with injustice he turns iinto a beautiful swan, showing that life is worth living. 
       This is an educative story about people who are ahead of their time and society that cannot understand and accept them. 
       Bright and colorful costumes, puppets and masks reveal a fabulous setting for a stage performance.





The 36th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Nis, Serbia, 2003.

1.      Award for the Best Direction (Biljana Vujovic)

2.      Award for the Acting Skills (Biljana Radenkovic)

Additional Awards:

      Award for the Best Actor (Davorin Dinic)

The 2th Children’s theatre festival "Pozoriste Zvezdariste", Belgrade, Serbia, 2004.

3.      Grand Prix of the Festival for the Best Performance

4.      Award for the Best Costume (Stefanka Kjuvlijeva)

5.      Award for the Best Text (Natasa Ilic)

Additional Awards:

                        2nd Children's Jury Prize

The 12th Kotor’s Festival of Theatre for Children, Kotor, Montenegro, 2004.

6.      Award for the Best Actress (Biljana Radenkovic)

7.      Award for the Stage Design (Stefanka Kjuvlijeva)

The 2nd  Children's Festival, Zajecar, Serbia, 2010.

8.      Award for Aesthetics and Visuality

9.      Award for the Best Ensemble

10.    Award for Music form and Music Interpretation


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