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A modern tale about friendship, love and co-operation. 

By H.K. Andersen
Director: Zoran Lozancic
Set design: Nenad Zivadinovic
Lutke: Boris Cerskov
Costumes: Aleksandar Pavicevic
Music: Borivoje Mladenovic
Song lyrics: Bozidar Milivojevic

        modern tale about friendship, love and co-operation. 
Three little pigs – Piggy, Porky and Fatty lead a carefree life  without suspecting anything bad might happen to them. A meadow full of flowers is their favourite playground. However, in the eyes of a malicious and gluttonous wolf they become three "delicious bites". But three little pigs manage to save themselvs. Each of them decides to build his own house in order to defend himself.  The first little pig built a house out of strow, the second one out of sticks and the third one out of  bricks.  The wolf easily managed to demolish the two houses made straw and stcks, but the third one seemed to  be too big a bit, even for such a dangerous animal. Constant  running away came to an end. Happy and carefree yet much more caitious, the three little pigs went on living concord. .





Yugoslav Festival of Theatre for Children, Kotor, Montenegro, 1998.

1.      Award for the Acting Skills in puppetry category (Svetlana Mihajlovic)

The 1st Festival of Ecological Children's Theater, Backa Palanka, 1998.

2.      Award for the Stage Design (Nenad Zivadinovic)

3.      Award for Special Effects (Ljubisa Radenkovic)

The 31st Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Belgrade, 1998.

4.      Award for the Stage Design (Nenad Zivadinovic)

5.      Award for the Acting Skills (Svetlana Mihajlovic)

6.      Award "Milena Sadzak" for the Best Young Actor (Tatjana Milenkovic)


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