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Big Nose Dwarf is a moving, educative and mystic story written by a German poet and novelist Wilhelm Hauff.

Written by: Wilhelm Hauff
Translation: Velimir Kostov
Adaptation & Direction: Todor Valov
Assistant Director: Dejan Gocic
Set Designe, Puppets & Costumes designed by: Stefka Kjuvlijeva and Natalia Goceva
Set Design, Puppets & Costumes made by: Stolicen Kuklen Teatar Sofia Studio
Music by: Plamen Mircev Mirona
Language Editor and Adaptation of songs: Natasa Ilic

       ig Nose Dwarf is a moving, educative and mystic story written by a German poet and novelist Wilhelm Hauff. The basic philosophical topic is the instability of human life. The story touches a large number of eternal philosophical questions which have troubled both the artists from the Romantic age and the modern artists. Things in life are not often as they seem. A sensitive soul and good heart are hiding behind the ugly and deformed exterior. "Big Nose Dwarf" is a romantic story which proves that, even in the hardest moments in life human beings can change their future and find happiness with the help of soul mates who are there to share their destiny. 


The 42th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2011.

1.      Award for the Best Young Actor (Dina Arsic)

The 10th Children’s theatre festival "Pozoriste Zvezdariste", Belgrade, Serbia, 2012.

2.      Award for the Design of the Play


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