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Based on fairy tale

Based on motifs on story "Little Red Riding Hood" from Igor Bojović
Director, lyrics writter: Biljana Vujović Bajka
Scene and costume: Ivana Savić
Realisation, print: Vladimir Stanković
Music: Oliver Katić
Audio production: Dejan Ilić
Studio: By Heart, Niš
Choreography: Nebojša Gromilić
Video animation: Emil Keser

Little red riding hood - Iskra Milovankić, Dunja Petković, Milica Mitić, Ena Lilić, Danica Veljković

Wolf Mladen Milojkovic
Mother Aleksandra Pavlovic
Hunter Toma Bibic
Raven -Jelena Djordjevic
Grandmother Tatjana Milenkovic

Group scenes - all actors

Age: 9+

       his version of the play is intended for children older than 9, but for their parents as well. It is a story of a today's girl who is growing up and who starts on her own for the city to visit her grandmother. She actually begins an adult life. On her way she meets various people, the good ones, as well as the evil ones like beasts – the wolves. She falls into various situations and gets to know the real, black and white world. Her symphaty for a young man, who looks innocent and good willing, could have thrown her and her grandmother's life in danger. Anyway, just like the other fairy tales, this one ends happily too.
The serious today's themes are set up in a modern manner. The original songs in service of the dramatic significance, the inventive actors playing and choreography, together with a modern  scenographic and costume designing attitude towards our time, through print, projection and life labyrinth are surely a great recommendation for you to see this specific director's reading of the fairy tale.
This is the time of violence and wolves, but the life itself has no second showing and does not represent a virtual games world. We find this way the right way to preventively affect children to be at least for a nuance more cautious and conscious.




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