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When the night falls, in dim lights of a dusty attic toys get to life.              

Adaptation & Direction: Darko Kovacovski
Set designe, Puppets & Costumes designed and made by: Nadja Vasileva Kovacovska
Music choise: Darko Kovacovski


Tin Soldier: Srdjan Miljkovic
Ballerina:Mirjana Djordjevic
Goat Legged General:Davorin Dinic
Old Hunchbacked Rat: Mladen Milojkovic
Auntie Soup Turtle: Jelena Djordjevic
Age: 4+

       his play is inspired by Andersen. When the night falls, in dim lights of a dusty attic toys get to life. The arrival of a china ballerina woke up their emotions. The brave Tin Soldier fell in love with her, but unfortunately she attracted attention of the master of the attic – Goat Legged General himself.
      Testing his courage, the Tin Soldier is faced with the question whether he could succeed to preserve Ballerina’s love and the cleanliness of his soul.
         All the rest remains to be seen in the play itself.








The 46th Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, Nis, Serbia

„Tin Soldier and Ballerina“, directed by Darko Kovacovski

·         Special Award for cherishing of long style marionette

Additional Awards:

·         Children's Jury Award for puppets magic 



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